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Yasaka Rubbers HRT Huaruite Wujilong USA Great tacky Chinese rubber that can be used for close-to-mid-table attacks. Difficult to loop from far away though, due to lack of gears. Great for blocking heavy spin shots and punching heavy spin serves. I wrote a more extensive review here which you can view for free:

Also made a video of it here:
Vega Europe Xiom Rubbers ASET President Canada Xiom Vega series rubbers come with the new large pores, carbo spring sponge. Euro is the softest and Pro is the hardest. They are definitely a good and cheaper replacement of Bty. Tenergy rubbers. 50% less in prices but about 90% similar in effectiveness. I like Vega better than the newer Xiom Omega4 & Sigma series, (not just because the cheaper prices). It really worth a try! 9
Pryde 30 Yasaka Rubbers ASET President Canada Sorry, forgot to put a rating in my last review. My Rating for Pryde rubbers should be 9, Pryde 30 is a little sofer than the other 2 with better control & louder sound! 9
Pryde 40 Yasaka Rubbers ASET President Canada Please see my review for the Pryde Series of rubbers. Pryde 40 is little faster than 30, my rating should be 9 for Pryde rubbers. 9
Pryde 30 Yasaka Rubbers ASET President Canada Pyrde, 30 & 40 series rubbers are probaly the most users friendly tension rubbers available. You'll will like them even they are not the fastest nor most spinny on the market. Very good for mid level players. 1
Vega Pro Xiom Rubbers Allan Canada Xiom Vega Pro/Europe/Asia carbon sponge series are the cheaper version of Bty. Tenergy's Spring sponge rubbers. Many of the players in my club are using them and really like them for the prices 60% of Tenergy's as well as the performance. 8
Genius Tibhar Rubbers Puck Italy Optimum rubber!
Very spinny.
Best in top (high parabola) and in control.
Very good block.
Not the fastest in the world but... what does it matter if you can do everything you want with it?

(I play with a 2.00 mm on the fh on a Balsa Carbo X5 now. I've tested it on a Stiga Offensive NCT and a Waldner Senso Carbon and always with satisfaction)
Baracuda Donic Rubbers baracuda Serbia Baracuda is fantastic rubber for spin! Control is very good. I play with max on FH.My blade is Joola wing medium but this rubber is fantastic on ALC too!It is a bit slower then JO Silver but it has speed enough. I am very, very satisfy with DONIC BARACUDA! 10
Sweden Classic Yasaka Blades Sweden Classic Romania Light, versatile, great manufacturing,fast enough and decent price.Not only for begginers.There is no doubt, this blade deserve 10. 10
Kido 7F Killerspin Blades Daniel USA I have owned my Kido 7P for over a year now and it is a great blade. I play close to the table with solid strokes on both the fh and bh. True to its all-around rating, this blade has a great blend of speed and control. Great for any type of player, this blade allows you to execute all strokes with confidence whether it is a heavy chop from mid distance or a 3rd ball flip. I rely on my rubber to dictate the speed and spin of the ball, so control was the key feature that I looked for in a blade. The wooden plys are a medium softness (not too hard, not too soft) and mine is a bit head heavy, although this feature as well as the hardness of the blade will vary. 10
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